Specialist consultations

With advice and expertise from Intus specialists, you are equipped to make informed decisions about the most appropriate investigation and treatment.
We offer an extensive range of consultation services in a relaxed, patient focused environment.

We see patients for all disorders of the digestive tract, from oesophagus to anus. You can seek advice from our general and colorectal surgeons, gastroenterologists and gastrointestinal dietitians, and we can link you through to our associates in related specialties.

We provide advice for people who are at increased risk of developing bowel cancer, based on symptoms, personal history or family history. We see patients who have returned a positive Faecal Occult Blood test through participation in the National Bowel Cancer Screening programme. 

What to expect at your appointment

You are welcomed into a warm and professional environment where patient care is paramount.  You will be asked to give us important medical information that is critical to our ability to be of value to you. We know that the issues we deal with are very personal and private. Our specialists are extremely sensitive about your medical problem and any awkwardness relating to discussing your condition. It is our aim to make the uncomfortable comfortable.

Should you need to be examined during the consultation,  your dignity will always be respected.  A nurse will be in attendance during most examinations and a chaperone service is always available.

Consultations for gastrointestinal and colorectal conditions are available at locations in Christchurch, Queenstown, Wanaka and Pegasus.

Treatment at the time of initial consultation

Certain conditions may be suitable for immediate treatment at the time of consultation. Any treatments will be discussed with you and alternatives offered so that you can make an informed decision. 

Treatments may include:

  • Rigid sigmoidoscopy
  • Haemorrhoid banding or injection
  • Removal of small skin abnormalities
  • Drainage of infections