Endoscopy at Intus

The endoscopy suite at Intus provides an extensive range of services including diagnostic examination procedures, treatments and outpatient clinics.

What is endoscopy?

Endoscopy is an internal examination using a flexible tube with a tiny video camera on the end.

Endoscopy is a relatively simple, non invasive way to look inside the body to gather valuable diagnostic information. Through endoscopy, tissue samples (biopsies) may be obtained, areas of blockage opened, and any active bleeding stopped. Polyps can be removed during the procedure therefore reducing the risks of developing bowel cancer.

Procedures available at Intus

Private and discreet facilities

Our facilities are designed to create a calm, discreet environment. We understand the necessity to provide our services in an environment which focuses on individual privacy and comfort. 

Patients benefit from a seamless integrated service, from referral to discharge, in one location with the same team from start to finish. All processes are designed to enhance the patient’s experience and minimise any anxiety.

Highly experienced staff

Our team are trained in the latest technological advances in the treatment of your condition. Our highly skilled endoscopists are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of care, attention and thoroughness.

Intus nurses are experts in ensuring that you are comfortable, reassured, and cared for throughout the experience. Results are communicated after the procedure in our recovery area and after care is explained so patients feel confident in managing at home.

Advanced technology and technique

We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and latest Olympus endoscopic technology. The latest technological advances provide high definition image capture which ensures all abnormalities are detected and can usually be dealt with during the procedure therefore maximising patient care and efficiency.

An integrated reporting and audit system supports all our endoscopy investigations ensuring the highest standards of care and safety at our facility.