Irritable Bowel Syndrome Service

What does the IBS service do?

The Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) service is designed to meet the needs of patients with either long-standing or newly diagnosed IBS symptoms. Patients are initially seen by Stephanie Brown (Consultant Dietitian) who consults with the patient to investigate possible causes of the IBS symptoms.

What is IBS?

IBS is a cluster of symptoms that typically include an irregular bowel habit, constipation or diarrhoea, or a combination of these with excess wind and abdominal bloating and pain/discomfort.

There are other health problems that share irritable bowel symptoms including inflammatory bowel disease, pelvic floor dysfunction, endometriosis, coeliac disease or colorectal cancer.

Why would I need to access this service?

By exploring all possible causes of symptoms, triggers are often identified improving your quality of life substantially.

What is the process for referral to the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Service?

Your GP can refer you or you may contact us directly to make an appointment

What is to be expected from the consultation?

One of the aims of the clinic is to provide an accessible cost-effective service. An important quality aspect of the IBS service is the one-on-one time spent with the nurse.

The nurse may refer you to an IBS dietitian, counsellor, colorectal surgeon or a gastroenterologist. Most people find that two or three consultations are sufficient. Patients will then be referred back to their GP with a management plan.

People need not have medical insurance to come and see us.

In the future, the IBS Service also hopes to establish an irritable bowel support group. No such service is currently available in New Zealand or Australia.

For further information please contact Stephanie on 03 9775977, or email: